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Digital Factory Apparel v10 Polyprint Edition: How to install the drivers for Texjet® Inks

Learn how to install the latest updates that include new print modes with improved color management for the new Texjet® Inks.

TexJet printers’ drivers have been updated to a new version that includes new ICC Color Profiles for the new Texjet Inks. The update applies for all color substrates, in both DTG and DTF, and can be found integrated into the print modes as usual.

Installation process of the new drivers

The updated version is saved as a new device, named for example TexJet echo2 TIP. To work with the new adjustments, you should install the new device, by following the steps below:


2022_10_10_Texjet-inks-drivers-Licence FilesAt the main toolbar, go to Help and then click on Update License File. Tap on OK when the process is finished.


Restart the RIP software, to save the update.


texjet inks drivers

At the main toolbar, go to Devices and then, select Manage Devices. At the Icons toolbar, go to the Install Printer icon and select the TexJet echo2 TIP printer.

Note: Texjet echo2 TIP is the driver for the CMYKW ink configuration, while Texjet echo2 CMYK TIP stands for the 2xCMYK ink configuration.


At the main toolbar, go to the Queue Manager and set up the correct port.

Note: To make sure that you have the most updated ones; at the main toolbar, go to Devices and then, select Manage Devices. At the Icons toolbar, click on the Check For Cloud Updates icon. Proceed with the update if there is one.


texjet drivers

If you are using an older formulation of Texjet Inks, you can swap to that profiles by double click on each print queue e.g. TE2DTG Bright TIP. At the General Tab click on the "three dots" icon right next to the Print Mode and select the appropriate ink set.

Check here the new queues and print modes – for both DTG and DTF, destined for the new Texjet series range!