Safe TexJet shortee2 printer transportation

How to properly prepare your TexJet shortee2 printer before moving it in another location.

Texjet shortee2 printer is easily moveable due to its compact size - compared to other DTG printers. It’s characteristics gives you the freedom of transporting your printer, anytime you want, to another location, such as a new workplace.

Before moving the printer, you should make sure that the following steps are executed, so the machine is safe during transportation:


Empty the waste ink bottle from remaining ink. Optionally, you can clean it as well, in order to make sure that none ink will be spilled during transportation.


Fill-the-capping-station-with-cleaning-liquid-1Follow the Daily maintenance routine. This way, during the idle (transportation) time, the printhead is soaked in cleaner solution, protecting it from environmental fluctuations that can have an impact on its performance.

Caution: If you are going to move your printer to a far away location, where the transportation of the printer will take several days or even a month, we strongly advise to follow the Long Inactivity maintenance guide, since you can’t be sure of the storage conditions of the transportation company.


DSC09124-1Make sure that the rubber seal at each ink cartridge is placed on both sockets (Ink and Air).


remove-the-screwLast but not least, lock the printer platen with the yellow safety bar.