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Digital Factory Apparel v10 Polyprint Edition: Available DTG print modes for TexJet echo2

A detailed guide for the print mode options that Polyprint’s RIP software offers for direct to garment printing with the TexJet echo2 printer.

Digital Factory Apparel Polyprint Edition, apart from a variation in the print queue tabs, includes several print mode options that the user can choose from, depending on the printing job and the outcome he wants to achieve. These modes are incorporated in the three main DTG print queues (White, Color, and Black tabs) and according to the substrate’s color the user chooses to print on, a different selection of printing modes will appear.

Caution: All mentioned print queues and print modes have integrated specific color management to complement Polyprint’s new ink range, the Texjet Inks. Make sure that you are using the correct driver according to the ink configuration that are loaded to your printer.

DTG print modes for light-colored garments

When choosing to print on the TE2 DTG White queue, six options of printing modes are available:

White Production

Offers the best balance between print quality, productivity, and ink consumption. Perfect for the average user, as it achieves the best printing quality in the lowest time possible. The color is being printed in a single pass at 1080x720 dpi resolution.

White Quality

The CMYK inks are printed in a higher resolution of 1440x720 dpi, meaning that the printhead performs smaller steps. This way, the ink consumption is increased, alongside the printing time. This print mode is recommended for more absorptive type of garments, like hoodies and pique polo shirts, as they require more ink for the print to be vibrant.

White Speed

The resolution drops to 720x720 dpi, along with the printing time. With this mode the ink quantity is lowered, when in comparison with Production or Quality, hence it’s more economic. Suitable for thinner garments and fast production.

All the above print modes exist also in Coated version, meaning that the t-shirt would be precoated with a solution for light-colored garments, like Polyprint’s pretreatment for lights. Those print modes have integrated a different color profile, specifically tailored to the pretreatment needs as the coating change the colors and make them more vibrant.

Note: If your printer's ink configuration is double CMYK, then two print modes are available: the 720x360 and the 720x720 resolution. Both provide up to 40% faster production time, when compared to the regular CMYKW ink setup, making them ideal for high-volume runs.

DTG print modes for dark-colored garments

When printing on the TE2 DTG Black or Color queue tab, two ink layers (white underbase plus CMYK colors) will be laid down. The software offers you three main print modes to choose from. Keep in mind that the Black queue removes by default black elements, so it is better used on black or dark-grey garments.

Color/Black Production

An ideal printing resolution that offers balance between print quality, productivity, and ink consumption. The underbase layer is printed in 2 passes and the CMYK layer in 1 pass both at 1080x720 dpi.

Color/Black Quality

Double pass printing for both White and CMYK inks at a higher resolution of 1440x720 dpi. The printhead performs smaller steps to apply the higher amount of ink, so the production time is slowed down. Recommended for thicker fabrics, like hoodies, so the printed design can be more vivid. The ink consumption is bigger, as the cost per print.

Color/Black Speed

The white layer is printed in a single pass at 1440x720 dpi and a lower resolution of 720x720 dpi is used for the colors. An economic and faster solution destined for substrates that don't require a strong underbase, like pastel-colored or light-grey garments.