Texjet NG Series Printers: Auto Clean cycles

How to set up the automatic cleanings routine on a NG printer. Select the cleaning cycle you wish to be performed and its duration.

Texjet NG series printers are proactive machines that can perform cleaning cycles during production, to refresh the nozzles and achieve continuous successful printing. The frequency of an automatic head clean is heavily affected by the environmental conditions of your workspace. If you are printing at optimum conditions – Room Temperature and about 55% Relative Humidity, then Polyprint has already predefined this setting for you.

If you struggle to work within the suggested environmental parameters or your production settings require a change in the automatic cleanings frequency then, you can adjust this routine to suit your needs.


Texjet-NG-Menu-Selections_05Press the Menu button on the NG Keypad. Navigate to the Head Cleaning option and choose Auto Clean.


Texjet-NG-Menu-Selections_06Texjet-NG-Menu-Selection_03_0First select the Clean Type. It is strongly recommended to choose the Weak for optimal balance between cleaning duration and ink consumption. Confirm with Enter.


In the Time Interval option, the frequency that the cleaning cycle will be repeated in minutes is displayed. With the Head Left and Head Right buttons you can shift between the digits and with the Platen In and Platen Out button set the numbers you want. Confirm with Enter.


Caution: We strongly recommend not meddling with the preconfigured settings of the NG printer otherwise advised by a Polyprint authorized technician.