Why you should always use manufacturer-approved inks

Learn why it is vital to use Polyprint suggested inks on your TexJet printers.

DTG technology is rapidly evolving, pushing companies to manufacture new printers and launch them to a very competitive market. Along with the hardware, multiple dtg formulated inks are being developed to complement each new product in order to offer a better performance. Taking this into consideration, you should be thinking that you have a wide variety of inks to choose from. In reality, it is of great importance to be well informed about what kind of inks your printer is compatible with. This valuable knowledge should be communicated from the printer’s manufacturer itself, in order to guarantee a smooth production, high quality prints and your printer’s safety.

When it comes down to purchasing ink for your dtg printer, you may come across three ink types. Original inks, compatible inks and third-party inks. The original ink is manufactured by the printer manufacturer. The compatible ink sets are formulated from other companies that are affiliated with the original printer manufacturer, as they are approved to have certified functionality with its software and hardware. Third-party inks are the ones that are broadly available at the market, but the printer’s manufacturer haven’t declared any approvement.


But why it is essential to use original or manufacturer-approved inks on your dtg printer? When a manufacturer has validated that the inks can be used on his machine, it means that various tests have been performed on hardware, software and inks, in order to be certain of the overall compatibility. For example, the inks must have a satisfying flow and jettability. This ensures that there will not be any persistent clogs nor any printhead damage. The ink testing also guarantees excellent printability with vibrant colors that have wash endurance. What is more, ink formulation should be in compliance with human safety regulations. This way, consistency and reliability is achieved, alongside the prolongation of the printer’s lifespan.

Polyprint's ink solution - Texjet Inks, are specifically formulated to enhance the performance of all Texjet models. These inks are trustworthy, as they deliver consistent results and keep the printer in great shape, no matter the production volume. In addition, they are certified with ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX making them safe for even babies to wear them.

Caution: Keep in mind, that if you choose to experiment with inks that are not suggested for your printer, you may invalidate your printer’s warranty and experience printhead failure and poor print quality.