Emergency Switch Engaged error message: How to resolve it on TexJet echo2

What to do in case you have a message that reads “Emergency Switch Engaged” at your echo2 Platen Control Panel.

The reason this error message is showing, is because the Emergency button stopped the function of the platen and it does not allow its movement. Sometimes, this message can appear due to a malfunction, without necessarily involving the press of the Emergency button.

Connect-the-Emergency-stop-button-2To remove this error, perform the necessary steps described below, according to the case you are experiencing:

Case 1a

In case you have pressed the Emergency button, you have to firstly release it by switching it, as the arrows indicate in its surface.

At the Platen Control Panel press Shift and then, Home button to disengage the emergency switch. When the "Waiting for user action" message is displayed, press once again the Home button or the White LED button, so you allow the platen to reach the correct starting position.

Note: If you had a print job that was about to be printed or was already printing, when you pressed the Emergency button, it is possible that some data stayed on buffer. We strongly recommend unplugging the data cable and restarting the printer, so a smooth initializing and printing can take place after the error.

Case 1b

When after disengaging the Emergency button, the Printhead Control Panel indicates that a cover is open or displays a message indicating that you need to turn off the printer, there is a high chance that the printer will shut down by his own. You have to make sure that the printhead isn’t unlocked. If unlocked, proceed to lock it by turning the maintenance gear to position. Restart the printer.

Case 2

If the platen exceeds the limit out switch and then, the Platen Control Panel reads Emergency switch engaged, proceed on shutting down the printer. With your hands, gently, push the printer’s platen so it may reach the middle. This way, you deactivate the limit switch sensor. Restart the printer.

Note: Check that there isn’t an obstacle in the way of the platen’s movement. For example, excess fabric that exceeds the platen’s limits and can easily get caught in a machine part.

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The Emergency button interferes with the printer mechanical functionality, so the printer’s response may be different each time, depending on the function it was performing at that time. Make sure that you follow each time the guiding messages on the Platen Control Panel.

Warning: If the error insists, then contact a qualified technician or your local dealer to help you resolve it. Don’t try anything that will put your machine at risk, as you may cause further damage and invalidate your printer warranty.