TexJet shortee2: Available platen options

All the available snap-on platens and easy tables that shortee2 printer is equipped with. Their distinctive shapes and sizes plus, their respective applications.

TexJet shortee2 has 9 platen options that snap on magnetically and range in shape and size. Most of the platens come with an adjustable frame system destined to keep both thin and thick garments flat, offering the best printing quality possible. If platen comes without a frame, its strongly recommended to use fabric glue, in order to keep the garment from moving while printing.

Snap-on platens


All the available snap-on platens and their corresponding characteristics are listed below:

  • 11x40 cm (4.7"x15.7") + Frame
  • 14x30 cm (5.5”x11.8”) + Frame
  • 15x15 cm (5.9”x5.9”) + Frame (Optional)
  • 27x14 cm (10.6"x5.5") + Frame
  • 27x32 cm (10.6”x12.6”) + Frame
  • 27x40 cm (10.6”x16.3”) + Frame (Standard platen that the printer comes with.)
  • 30x43 cm (11.8”x16.9”) (Specially made for printing on Polo shirts.)
  • How to print on Polo shirts with TexJet printers
  • 30x45 cm (11.8”x17.7”)
  • Double Face Mask platen with "Fit" and "Flat" plates + Frames
    How to print on face masks with TexJet printers

Easy tables


Screen and Digital Mix is an innovative printing technique Polyprint introduced in 2012 and allows TexJet users to combine the benefits of both Screen and Digital printing. For this reason, special platens equipped with the proper mechanism and adaptors that distinguish them for the above ordinary platens have been created, in order for them to be compatible with this specific process. These are listed below:

  • 14x30 cm (5.5”x11.8”) + Frame
  • 27x32 cm (10.6”x12.6”) + Frame
  • 27x40 cm (10.6”x16.3”) + Frame
  • 30x45 cm (11.8”x17.7”)

How to perform Screen & Digital Mix on dark colored garments with TexJet printers


  • All the above platens are manufactured specifically for the Hybrid technique; hence they are equipped with the proper mechanism and adaptors that are adjusted in the arms of the screen printing machine.
  • It is strongly recommended not to use the frames of the easy tables, because there is a high chance of moving the fabric and disrupting the print during transportation from printer to screen printing machine and vice versa. For this reason, fabric glue is essential, in order for the garment to stay put and flat.
  • Due to the different underbase between this hybrid technique and the standard DTG process (uses white water-based pigment ink) different printing modes have been designed to accurately print the CMYK inks: Available hybrid print modes on Digital Factory Apparel Polyprint Edition v10

Tip: Although there are a variety of platens that you can choose from, if you have a specific application that requires a platen with different dimensions that will better accommodate your needs, a custom platen option is available! Don’t hesitate to contact our support team that will help you find a solution.

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