Texjet NG Series Printers: Scale & Shaft CR maintenance

How to clean properly the scale and shaft of the NG printer’s carriage.

Warning: Do not perform the below guide on how to perform the scale and shaft CR maintenance unless you have been trained by Polyprint SA or an official Polyprint distributor.

The Head Carriage performs movement on the X axis based on the CR Scale and Shaft. The Carriage Scale is the transparent encoder strip that transmits position data to the carriage sensor. The carriage Shaft is basically the linear guide that the carriage moves on during printing. These two parts must be maintained when reaching 10.000 prints or every three months.

Maintenance mode

Before proceeding on to cleaning them, the printer should be in shut-down maintenance mode:


At the Touchscreen, go to Menu. Tap on Maintenance. Activate the Disable/Enable Cover Sensors toggle button.


A7407848Open all three front covers to have access to the X axis.

Scale & Shaft CR maintenance


At the NG Keypad press the Head Left button to release the carriage from suction. Use the Head Left button to move the head on the X axis.


A7407955Apply some Isopropyl Alcohol on a piece of paper or cloth and gently pass it over the transparent encoder strip (Scale CR). Make sure that you clean all its length, to both of its extreme positions (far left and far right), by moving the carriage accordingly.


Put 5-10 drops of oil type 5W-40 and lubricate the carriage slide shaft. Move the carriage several times from side to side to make the oil spread evenly.


At the NG Keypad press the Enter button, so the carriage moves back to the capping station and seals.


Close all covers and on Maintenance deactivate the Disable/Enable Cover Sensors toggle button.