Initial Investment: What to consider when starting with dtg & how can I estimate my budget?

A guide for the main things you should take under consideration, when starting your dtg business.

Starting your own business is not something to take lightly. According to 2018 startup statistics, only 56% of small businesses made it to their fifth year. Driven by their need to fulfill their passion, many people disregard the challenges businesses face. We will guide you through the main things you should take under consideration, when starting your dtg business.

Do your research

The dtg printing industry is a specialized niche market. Talk with dtg owners that have a successful dtg shop and learn first-hand from their experience. Study how the industry works by checking out forums, blogs, industry trends and technical groups. Real-world experience is the key.

Get to know your competitors and be aware of their products and pricing ranges. Learn from the best in the field and seek out professional dtg guidance. Consider the logistics surrounding the foundation of a business e.g. licenses, permits, company trademark etc.  

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Have a plan

Create a business plan that will help you establish what exactly you want to do. Clarify your mission, vision, values, objectives and goals. Consider your customer base and decide what you are offering that will gain their attention. Create a product that people desire by gathering feedback from your customer base. You need to make cost-effective decisions while producing high-quality products.

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Realize the costs

Most businesses start out small with an investment lower than 25.000 euros.  The basic equipment you will need is:

  • A dtg printer ≈ 11.000 euros
  • A pretreatment machine ≈ 4.700 euros
  • A Heatpress ≈ 1.500euros
  • Inks and pretreatment liquids ≈ 400 euros

Beside the equipment,  you should have a computer and graphic designer software to create and customize your prints according to your customer needs. You will need to either outsource a graphic designer or learn a  popular digital art software. Also, take into account the space you will need for your shop. The equipment should be protected from weather conditions and have storage space for your production volume. 

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What to look for in a dtg printer

In order to take control of your dtg business and avoid unbearable outsourcing costs, you need to buy your own dtg printer. This will give you the opportunity to print on demand according to customer demands and expand your product spectrum. While searching for your ideal dtg printer, bear in mind  that you will need a reliable printer with robust construction, that will endure in time. Pay attention to warranty terms and maintenance costs, as well as, installation costs and good customer support. It’s important that your dtg machine produces high-quality prints with sharp details, while lowering ink costs. Designing prints cost-effectively could help. The printer’s ability to print both on light and dark garments will give you multiple options , so decide on a printer that has a short learning curve. This way you will be able to fit the road running.

Main differences & similarities of TexJet DTG printers

Find suppliers

In order to create premium products, consistently, dtg printers produce their best results on natural fibers. Cotton fabrics with a tight weave are ideal for detailed prints with vivid colors. Contact national fabric or garment suppliers and choose the best possible offer.

Set your business goals

It is useful to know what you want to achieve as a business. Set  a sales goal for the next month/ six months to have an idea of where you stand. Respond to the challenges with innovative ideas and constant improvement. Have passion in what you do and find solutions to your customer demands.

Note: TexJet dtg printers have empowered thousands of customers worldwide to follow their business instincts and thrive in the dtg business industry. With one of the lowest costs per print in the industry,  TexJet dtg printers provide high-quality prints with a quick return-on- your investment.